Show Highlights & Spotlights

MUGEN HOSO 無限放送 - 2016

Highly acclaimed Japanese sensation MUGEN HOSO started back in 2005 in Tokyo, ran by Hiro. The initial member was his friend on bass and drums which changed every show. In 2010, Hiro performed with Taro without a bassist which was their first experience. From then they started officially as a puck rock duo MUGEN HOSO in 2011.

Tommy Chong - 2015 & 2016

Hey man, it's Tommy Chong and the 420 Countdown Spark Up.

Muruga & the Global Ceremonial Band - 2002

Muruga & the Global Ceremonial Band treated us to a fantastic show featuring the wonderful percussion sounds of Muruga.

Jack Herer - 2004

Jack Herer came over from the Hash Bash in 20114 and let us all know that we cannot stop fighting "until all pot prisoners are free!".

Glowb - 2004, 2005 & 2010

We have been fortunate over the years as Glowb with John Sinclair put on some incredibly stellar shows. A huge crowd favorite for sure. Thank you!

David Arquette - 2007

 The 6th annual fair was a special one. We had a special guest with David Arquette stopping by to promote his movie, The Tripper.  David hung out most of the day, signing autographs, and mingling with the crowd. Thanks for stopping by David!